After work on Saturday I had the pleasure of going to see the New York Philharmonic and Mariah Carey in concert in Central Park. My friends and I put out a big blanket on the Great Lawn in the park and soaked up the atmosphere.  Apparently Mariah had a bad fall a few days before the concert and broke several bones but she still managed to belt out some of her classics (with the help of some heavy duty pain killers I’m guessing from her cray cray ramblings). She even rocked three different slings each matching a new outfit!

Mariah and her three slings! You go glen coco!
So while Mariah was singing I look around and who pops up beside us but Randy Jackson! My inner celeb- crazy bear got very excited. The show ended with some great fireworks over the city.
 And then of course some Pinkberry to end the night! I always think its a healthier option compared to ice-cream but then I go ahead and undo all the goodness by piling on the yummy toppings! I really wish they had Pinkberry at home in Ireland!
Yummy Pinkberry!
I must give a huge bear hug to my friend Mallori! If it wasn’t for her I know I wouldn’t get to do half of all the fun things we’ve done so far this summer! She really is the sweetest and hopefully when she comes back to Ireland I can help make her trip as exciting as she has made mine (by taking her to Supermacs!)
Mallori and I at the concert in Central Park.

Prepping for a major heatwave in NYC this week! Hopefully I’ll gravitate towards some air conditioned places when working before I melt!

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