Hello! Happy Monday everyone! This weekend Cathal and I and our empty bellies made our way across the Hudson river to the Smorgasburg food festival in Brooklyn! Smorgasburg is a really wonderful gathering of a huge number of food vendors around NYC! On Sunday it was held right below the Brooklyn bridge in DUMBO which is one of my favorite New York spots! The view is just too amazing!

At Smorgasburg you can litterally find any type of food your tummy desires! They have vendors for anything from Asian style hot dogs to handmade popsicles, the choice is just insane! We spent a half hour walking around just trying to figure out where to start! 
Smorgasburg food festival!

Naturally we decided we would start off with dessert! We snapped up one of the very last “smoregasms” which was essentially a frozen smore! Too yummy!


Then Cathal got a “Tur-Ducken Sandwich . Yes it totally is what you think! A turkey, duck and chicken sandwich all rolled into one! Not really my taste but Cathal looked like an extremely happy bear while eating it!
Turducken Sambo

To top it all off we got even more dessert! A yummy vanilla ice cream sandwich with gingerbread cookies and lemon curd! Truly delicious! 
Ice Cream Sambo

We tried as much foods as we physically could! I’ll definitely be making another trip out there to try some other foods (hopefully a pie shake).


Under the Bridge!

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