Yesterday I visited one of my favourite NYC hangouts, Chelsea Market! Its an indoor market with so many yummy food vendors and cute little stores. Back in the day the building was a cookie factory where the Oreo cookie was invented!

Some of my favourite food stores are Elemis Cookies where they sell delicious sugar coated NY themed cookies and the Spices & Tease market where you could find any spice in the world.
Elemis Cookies and Spices and Tease market.
I’m obsessed with this sweet little bakery called “The Fat Witch”. Renowned for their Brownies, they sell something which I think is so genius, “Fat Witch Ends”. These are those crispy edges of the brownies that everybody fights for after baking a batch!
Fat Witch Bakery
Chelsea Market also has its own little flea market called “Artists & Fleas” where you can find creative hand made items that come from New York. I love this one vendor called “Pamela Barsky”. She makes witty and charming pouches that are sure to make you laugh!
Pamela Barsky Pouches
Vintage Dresses at Artist and Fleas
One thing that I have wanted to do since arriving in NYC is purchase my own custom designed necklace from “Brooklyn Charm”. Here you get to handpick a chain, beads and charms from a huge selection and watch as they assemble it on the spot. The charms I picked out were an Airplane, a C for my boyfriend Cathal, A New York state charm, a dog for my Henry bear and some cute little colorful accents! So much fun picking it out.
My handmade charm necklace from Brooklyn Charm
Chelsea Market Stores
Such a great little place to visit where a lot of tourists don’t even know about! Also I finally met the coolest lady alive, Lena Dunham yesterday after hours of stalking the set of “Girls”.
Successful day all round.

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