I’m definitely a girl who has a sweet tooth! I have a special place in my tummy for cupcakes! At home I love experimenting with new cupcake recipes and different decorating ideas but since I have no baking utensils here in NY I have had to get my cupcake fix from different “cupcakeries” around the city! Here are some of my favorites from over the summer!

Baked by Melissa is found all over the city and they specialize in tiny bite size cupcakes! I really like it here because you get to try lots of different flavors without feeling like you’ve eaten 6 big cupcakes!

 Tiny Bite Sized Cupcakes by “Baked By Melissa”
Georgetown cupcakes shot to cupcake fame when the two sister owners of the company started their own TLC tv show called “DC cupcakes”! Its a really cute show following all of the different events the girls make cupcakes for! This place has so many yummy flavors that change seasonally!
Georgetown Cupcakes
The next place on the list is “Sprinkles Cupcakes”. This was the pioneering cupcake shop in the world! They also invented the cupcake ATM which is a machine which dispenses cupcakes.
Sprinkles Cupcakes
And Finally Crumbs Bake shop which is my personal favorite! They sell the most decadent humongous cupcakes each weighing in as the best 500 calories you will ever eat! The best part is the scoop of icing in the middle of the cupcake!

Crumbs Cupcakes!
Prettiest Decorated Cupcakes


I may have eaten one too many this summer! Looking back on all these pictures of cupcakes…
I’m really not sorry though! 


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