This Sunday I visited one of the prettiest parts of New York, DUMBO! For such a small part of the city there really is a lot to see there, not to mention the amazing view of the skyline! We visited Jane’s Carousel which is a beautiful restored carousel from the 1920’s. While we were there we noticed that Katy Perry was rehearsing for the VMA’s so we popped by to see that also, 
as you do! 

Janes Carousel
Janes Carousel

Like the Lovers Bridge in Paris, people visiting Dumbo have started to attach padlocks overlooking the Hudson river! I’m hoping to go back before I leave to attach one myself! It will be nice to look for it the next time I visit NYC!

Pretty Autumn Leaves!

We decided to get the Water ferry back to Manhattan at the end of the day! Its was really fun to be out on the water but despite our many attempts at getting a nice picture with the city in the background, the wind took over and we just ended up with some very funny pictures with some cray cray wind swept hair like below!

Too funny!
This is my last full week in NYC so I will be numbing the pain by doing a substantial amount of retail therapy!
 Good luck to everyone moving to a new place to start college or a job or wherever your path is going in the coming weeks! If this summer has taught me anything its that you never know where you’ll make new memories that will last a lifetime so embrace the changes!

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