On Saturday I visited Hester Street Fair.  Every Saturday numerous specialty food vendors and vintage clothing stores gather in the Lower East Side and set up stalls displaying their finest goods. So many treasures to be found if you take the time to search through all the beautiful clothing.




This particular vintage clothing store was set up in a little caravan! So cute!
Of course my sweet tooth and I had to try some of the yummy desserts on sale! I decided to try a red velvet ice cream sandwich with cream cheese flavored ice-cream! I have a weak spot for anything red velvet, I even found a restaurant in Chelsea that serves red velvet pancakes which I am dying to try!
On the way home we made a quick stop in Soho, where I hopped into the Kate Spade store. Her latest collection has the coolest shoes which pay homage to my 2 favorite things, Food and New York City!
Paintings for sale on the streets of Soho!


Soho is a great part of the city!
 Its full of culture with the cobble stoned streets and graffiti covered walls!
Now to enjoy my Sunday relaxing in Central Park!
Have a good weekend bears!

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