As its my last week here in New York, I’m making sure that I see, do and eat everything that was on my NY list! Last night Cathal and I went for dinner at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Famous for their amazing burgers and tasty milkshakes, the line for the food from this tiny shack is very long most evenings! I’m so glad we got to eat there! The chilled out atmosphere and tasty food made for a great evening!
The Shake Shack we ate at was right beside the Flat Iron building! No matter how many times I walk past this building every day, I still always stop and take a quick picture of it because I think it is just gorgeous!
The only negative thing about eating outside at Shake Shack were the squirrels and field mice running around very close to my feet! This one little guy got a little too close for my comfort! We threw him a chip before he landed on our table!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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