I first heard about Williamsburg, Brooklyn while going through my “Girls” marathon watching session during Christmas exams last year! Known for being a Hipster hang out with thrift stores at every corner, it really is such a cool spot. Thrift stores are one of my favorite things about America, I wish we had more of them at home in Ireland! They’re so handy for finding great designer pieces that are cheap as chips!

So many shoes!
Me and my new threads! Thank you Sarah Bear for taking a snapshot for me!
New additions to the closet!
My favourite thrift store was definitely “Buffalo Exchange”. I found so many great bargains there like an American Apparel chiffon shirt, a Marc Jacobs sweater dress, a J Crew jacket and a pair of killer stilettos all for 20 dollars each! I was delighted with myself especially when NY is such an expensive city to live in, every penny counts!
Williamsburg Street Art
One other wonderful thing about Williamsburg is the crazy street art seen on the walls of the buildings. There is a great creative/chilled out atmosphere when walking around the streets, totally different to Manhattan! The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that I didn’t see Lana Del Rey or Lena Dunham there!
Maybe next time!

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