Some of my favorite posts to read on blogs are definitely the posts where people share a tour of their room. I love to see how others decorate their room and always pick up cute little ideas. My sweet friend Dana from The Naked Coed  recently blogged about her new room at college and she inspired me to do the same!

This table has been in my room since I was like 5! Just a couple of months ago I repainted it using Annie Sloan Chalk paint (definitely look this up) and stenciled words on it inspired by The White Stripes.
 This little jewelry holder below actually is a pair of silver antlers that I found in TK MAXX and thought it would be cute to hang bracelets on. I hang all my necklaces on a coat hanger also from TK MAXX! I like to have them all out on view otherwise I find myself forgetting what I have!




My desk is one of my favorite parts of my room. A place where I spent hours studying over the past 4 years of college, I figured it might as well look pretty. All of the shelves and the desk itself are from Ikea and were dirt cheap. I stumbled across a great idea to make a pretty desk protector using a piece of your favorite fabric and placing it under a plastic mat!


A sneak peek into my closet! Currently it is undergoing a major re-organizing trying to fit in all the new wardrobe additions from NYC!
I love to have old pictures of growing up and happy memories on show!
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


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