So my life changing summer adventure in NYC has come to an end sadly! I arrived home in Ireland yesterday feeling as if I was only gone for 2 weeks. The last couple of days were spent running around the city picking up presents and basically a whole new wardrobe. I was lucky I got away with not being charged for overweight bags again. To celebrate my last night in the city, Cathal and I went out for a fancy dinner at the Central Park Boathouse courtesy of my friends Sarah and Tom (thank you bears!). The food was so delicious and the scenery was beyond gorgeous!


I spent my last day sitting outside in the gorgeous weather, sipping cocktails at the side of the Hudson River in a cute little restaurant “Half Moon”. Mallori and her Momma bear Maritza treated me to a goodbye lunch and we sat for hours reminiscing about how wonderful the summer was. I was heartbroken leaving these two lady bears as they really became my NY family!

As bitter sweet as it was coming home, I know I’m so blessed and appreciative to have had the most spectacular Summer.  Plans are already in the making for going back to the city I fell in love with.

Sister bears!
Pinkie Promise!


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