One of my favourite types of blog posts and magazine articles to read is one where other lady bears share whats in their handbags. Its always fun to learn what other people consider to be daily necessities. Lately I’ve been carrying a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag on my arm, as borrowed from my mama bears closet of course!


In my bag I always have the following:
My pink Kate Spade coin purse
Tangle Teaser hairbrush- Best invention ever for protecting those locks
Two of my favorite lip balms- Eos (as seen in Miley’s We cant stop video) and Fresh Sugar balm in Rose
Strawberry cupcake flavored hand sanitizer
A pretty day planner to keep me organised, I’m a self proclaimed stationary addict
My Dolce and Gabbana eyeglasses which prevent me walking into the men’s toilet by accident
Muji Pens-The best colorful pens ever
J crew Bagu-My reusable earth friendly shopping bag with cute kangaroos on it
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Pallet- Because who doesn’t want to shimmer like Edward from Twilight
A pretty hair bow and hair grips to tame my fro
Rayban Wayfarers-these were a bargain in NY
Finally my new Marc Jacobs iPhone case which I got for 10 euros yesterday in TK Maxx!
What do you lady bears carry in your bags?

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