This weekend two photo shoots I did over the past few weeks finally surfaced! The first one was a fairy tale themed wedding shoot I did back in March in Adare Manor! I blogged a little behind the scenes post which you can read here, so I thought it would be nice to share a few of the pictures that are actually featured in this seasons Irish Wedding Journal!

The second shoot took place down in the Cliffs of Moher. I first met the photographer Kari on my very last day in New York last summer! I was running around the city trying to pick up some last minute presents (crying the whole day might I add), and Kari stopped me in a shop and asked me to be part of a photoshoot they were doing with a designer that was in the city for Fashion Week. Only in New York would that ever happen right! But anyways she was visiting Ireland and wanted to do a couples shoot while she was here. I somehow convinced Cathal Bear to get involved and I just love the pictures! They were featured this week on one of the biggest wedding websites in America called Green Wedding Shoes!




Photos’s by: CottonWood Studios
We were crazy close to the edge of those cliffs!
Hope you guys like them!
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