The streets of New York are literally filled with people that have amazing style! I spend my entire subway ride every morning people watching and looking at the unique outfits! Even though I feel anything goes here style wise, I still like to whip out the monochrome essentials for my average day to day (my black dress and white legs being the monochrome!). I bought this dress in Zara recently. Its really comfy and I thought would be great to wear to events that I’ll be attending with my internship. Would you believe this pretty little park that we shot the look in was squished right in between two skyscrapers! 

Dress: Zara, Sandals: Gap, Bag: Kate Spade, Necklace: Dunnes

My friend Jen and I visited the Nutella Bar in Eataly. I saw this place on Pinterest and it was top of my to New York do list! Everything on the menu has Nutella in it. Plus each wall in the restaurant is filled to the brim with Nutella! Such a nice treat! 

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