Excited for: Father of the Bride 3! When I got word that my favourite movie of all time was coming out with  a third I got so excited! Everything about Father of the Bride makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, from the beautiful house they live in to Steve Martin who reminds me so much of my Papa Bear! I can’t wait until it hits the movie theaters!

Eating: Nutella. All day everyday. Since arriving in New York, A Spoonfull of Nutella in a bowl of Oatmeal has pretty much become my staple diet. Also I just read an article that said one spoon of nutella has a much sugar as 5 oreo cookies! So I may have to try to cut back a little…but its just too good! 

 Obssessed with: My Up by Jawbone bracelet! My brother in law gave me one of these bracelets right before the Summer. It counts how many steps you take each day and also notes how much sleep you get at night. It gives you daily goals and I get so excited everynight when I plug it into my phone and see that I’ve reached my goal number of steps! I would definately recommend it for anyone into their fitness!
 Watching: The Spectacular Now. I rented this cute movie starring Shailene Woodley on iTunes last week and was so impressed. For a movie that really had very little press I thought it was so good! It’s one of those teenage love stories thats super easy to watch and is a very cute story! 

Enjoying: Wedding Planning at my internship! This week I was assigned to my very first wedding planning gig. Working in events management has always been my dream job so I was delighted to start this project. Researching loads of different vendors and setting up viewings has been so fun! Next week I am going to a cake tasting with one of the worlds most famous cake designers, Sylvia Weinstein. Shes the lady with the big glasses that does all of the cakes for big celebrity events. I’m going to be working on an internship blog post over the next week with updates on how my first month went so keep an eye out for that! 

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