Excited for: My internship to begin on Monday. One of the main reasons I came to New York this Summer was to get some experience in the event management field. By some stroke of god I landed a wonderful internship which I start this week. My first event is on a rooftop in the city and Josh Lucas (the handsome guy in Sweet Home Alabama) will be there! I’m also going to be working on creating a show room for the flip flop brand “Havianas”.

Listening to: Chandelier by Sia. Even though this song is so catchy it’s actually the music video that has me gobsmacked. The video features Maddy from one of my favourite trash TV shows “Dance Moms”, This kid is only 11 and her dancing is really out of this world! Well worth a watch!

Obsessed with:  Des Bishop. Right before I came to NYC I became borderline stalker/ obsessed with Des Bishop. Watching his latest show in China prompted me to look him up on YouTube and I found a bunch of his old documentaries and shows. My favorite by far was the four part show he did about Ireland’s relationship with alcohol! Everything he said was so spot on but funny at the same time! Plus that sexy accent of his just gets me every time! 
Reading: The Fault in our stars by John Green. I’m making a more conscious effort to read books lately. This gem is an easy read about a young girl battling cancer and then she meets a handsome friend and embarks on one of the sweetest love stories you could imagine! I promise its one that you wont be able to put down! Plus the movie based on the book with Shailene Woodley is out later this month! 

Thankful for: My Apartment here in NYC. I honestly feel like the luckiest girl alive that my friends and I found a great place to live for the Summer. Its huge, has a flat screen TV, a view of the Manhattan skyline and a killer closet. What more could I need? 

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