Many of you probably already know by now that Im currently spending the Summer in New York doing an internship with a Marketing and Events Management company in Manhattan! Recently I’ve received quite a few emails from my sweet readers asking me about my internship and what I’m getting up to! I feel like the term “internship” is often glamourised, Personally I think it all leads back to Lauren Conrad interning in The Hills! But If Im honest interning in New York is tough! Most internships here are unpaid so to afford to pay the crazy rent here many people like myself have to get a second job to support themselves! I work in my internship everyday until 3 and then I waitress until at least midnight! Working 15 hour days can be exhausting and I wont lie, I have been that crazy girl crying in the park while eating my lunch some days but if you’re willing to work hard for a career that you have dreamed of then I truly believe the hard work will pay off!

On the plus side I’m learning alot at my internship and have done some cool things! My very first event was a movie screening party with the super handsome Josh Lucas from Sweet Home Alabama! I was in charge of making all of the floral arrangements and general set up of the event! It was a lot of fun! I also helped arrange a show room for flip flop brand Havianas where they held meetings with big department stores like Macy’s and Nordstroms! At the moment I’m working on planning my very first wedding, Its always been my dream to work as a Wedding Planner so this is the project that I’m most excited about! I’ve been working with some very cool vendors for everything like invitations to flowers to cakes! So much fun!
Office kitty- Hopper

I’ll be posting part two of my internship diaries in a couple of weeks, we have some excited plans in the pipeline that I cant wait to share with you! I also hope to include a couple of tips on how to find an internship seeing as so many of you are interested in it! 

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