I can hardly believe this is my last week in NYC before I go home to Ireland! That said I’m trying to squish in as much of New York that I can for the last few days! Yesterday my boyfriend Cathal and I went to Soho to a cupcake place thats been on my list for the past two years now! The “Little Cupcake BakeShop” is as well known for its painted heart murals as it is for its yummy treats. I got a Black and White Cupcake that had the lightest frosting I’ve ever had and Cathal got a mini apple pie!

Later in the evening we hopped on the Subway up to Columbia University. I visited the campus last Summer and really loved it so I thought it would be nice to visit again. This time we really hit the jackpot as it was orientation night for the incoming freshman, so Cathal and I managed to steal some of the free Ben and Jerrys that they were giving to the students. Sadly we didn’t get the plates of steak and lobster that they also had! I certainly don’t remember getting any fancy meal on my first day as a fresher?






We spotted the cutest tiniest dog in the world on campus. I swear she was so tiny she would fit in a pencil case! 
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