My favourite thing about this Summer has definitely been spending it with 3 of the sweetest girls I know. Living with my friends in New York for 3 months was like one constant sleepover. From watching silly animal videos on You Tube or shopping at the Zara sale one too many times together, we always had a good time! Sadly two of the girls returned to Ireland this weekend, but before they left we fitted in last minute sight seeing! We went to one of my favourite spots, Chelsea Market where we got loads of free food samples and designed our own necklaces. We also ate at an Indian restaurant called Milon which was one crazy experience let me tell you. The whole place was lit up with Christmas lights. Words really cant describe it!




We also ate at a restaurant called Potatopia where you choose any type of potato you could imagine like baked, mashed, fries or many many others! Then you pick loads of different toppings, cheeses and sauces to put on top! Its very bad for you I’m sure but the deliciousness makes up for it! Finally we finished up their last night by sitting in Sheeps Meadow in Central Park and getting a little creative with some eye liner! So much fun! Even funner when you go food shopping afterwards looking like a cat!
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