I spent the last two weeks of my Summer in New York vacationing around the city with Cathal, doing lots of touristy things trying to knock everything off of my list and to be brutally honest I didn’t get around to blogging about most of it! So even though I’m at home in Ireland stick with me while I share some happenings from the last of NY! I really wanted a weekend at the beach towards the end of summer, but due to a lack of time and funds, my ideal trip to the Hamptons didn’t quite happen. So instead Cathal and I hopped on the subway all the way out to Coney Island for a beach day. Its kind of known for being a little bit of a dump but if I found it quite fun to walk around the rides and the beach was perfectly clean so I couldn’t have asked for more. Well maybe a little more of a tan because my white ass literally blended into the sand!





After the beach we went to Tavern on the Green in Central Park! After being closed for the past few years for renovations it reopened this Summer. Honestly one of the nicest places to go for a meal or just a cocktail, you can sit outside under pretty fairy lights or inside by the fire where it feels like Christmas even in the middle of Summer!
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