I’m so delighted to be sharing part one of my “Lady Bears Travel Guide to New York’. New York is a city where people are always visiting and sometimes I think we can fall into the trap of only visiting the typical tourist attractions over there which would really be such a shame because there is so much more to see and do! After spending the past two Summers over there I feel like I have visited a lot of cool places so I really wanted to share my shopping, dining and hidden gem suggestions with you guys! First part in the series is Dumbo, Brooklyn!

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge: Dumbo is the first town you hit as you walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan! Walking the bridge is always quite enjoyable! Its lovely if you walk across it just before sunset so you see the skyline in the day and also at night when its all lit up! Some people like to rent bikes to ride across too.


 Shake Shack: In my opinion Shake Shack has the best burger in the world, and I should know I had a lot of them while I was in New York! Its a super casual place where you can be guaranteed to have to queue for a while before you get your food but its worth the wait. Their fries are also yummy and they sell their house made “frozen custard” which comes in different flavours on different days of the week! Its pretty reasonably priced and will be right up your alley if your craving some comfort food!
Grimaldis Pizza: Many people say this place is the best pizza place in NYC. I even heard that Oprah loves it so much she has it delivered to her hotel anytime she’s in town. Here you can only buy pizza buy the pie so no slices and costs anywhere from $9- $16 depending on size. Its one of the only places in the USA where the pizzas are cooked in a coal fired brick oven!

One Girl Cookies: This cute little bakery was somewhere I stumbled upon by accident while sheltering from a thunder storm but I really love it! The decor is super cute and they have a nice selection of desserts from cupcakes to cookies to whoopee pies. The cupcakes really are divine because the cake is super moist and they way that they frost them is quite different from the conventional way so its definitely a thumbs up from me!


Janes Carousel: One of my favourite spots in all of New York. I wrote a post about it way back in my first summer in NYC which you can read here. This carousel is so pretty and right on the water and for $2 you can hop on and feel like a kid again! I often saw wedding parties rent the whole carousel to take wedding snaps, it is just that pretty!

 NY Waterway Ferry: If you are visiting Dumbo, I recommend walking there from Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge and then in the evening to get back to the city it’s really fun to take the NY Waterway Ferry. It only costs about $5 and is really relaxing to sit on the boat and take in all of the city views from the water.

Before you leave: Make sure you take some pictures down by the boardwalk with the most specatular  view of the Manhattan Skyline behind you! I even shot a whole outfit post there over the Summer which you can see here if you missed it!
Keep your eyes open for the rest of the posts in this series where I will be sharing fun things to do in other parts of New York!
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