I’ve been getting such a great response to the first part of my “Lady Bears Travel Guide to New York” series (you can read here if you missed it!). For all of you who have been looking for part two here it is, be warned it is a long one. This time I’m sharing all of my go to places in my favourite place in the whole world, Soho. The best place in New York for shopping, eating and of course celeb spotting! I have often spent my entire day walking around Soho doing nothing but wandering the streets!

Jacks Wife Freda: This famous restaurant is a tiny little place where you will probably have to queue for a table but it is definitely worth the wait. The food is delicious and really has something for everyone from those health conscious to those like me who want a nice burger and fries! Bonus points for the fact that its run by a husband and wife called Jack and Freda and they’re sugar packets are as sweet as the sugar inside.
Chobani Yoghurt: After a couple of days in New York filled with eating the tastiest fattiest food, you may feel like a healthy snack for a change so I recommend a trip to the Chobani Yoghurt Store where you can choose from sweet or savoury yoghurts and put yummy toppings on top. If you are looking for a frozen Yoghurt place I love Pinkberry and 16 Handles!
Dominique Ansel Bakery: This is place where the famous “Cronut” was invented. Be warned if you want a Cronut you will have to be there before 10am but even if you don’t get there in time they have plenty of other yummy treats. When I went there I got a chocolate chip cookie rolled into a shot glass and filled with milk (read that blogpost here).  They have a lovely place to sit and enjoy your treats also!


Little Cupcake Bakeshop: Out of all the cupcake places I tried, this one had the best frosting. You can also get miniature pies as well as pieces of cake, all of which are baked onsite each day. Here is also where the beautiful black and red heart wall painting is. Really loved this little gem, I blogged about it here incase you want to see more!
The Smile: The place to go at the weekends for a super reasonably priced delicious brunch. They have yummy eggs, oatmeal and a fab french toast. Also apparently the place for celeb spotting. This is where I spotted Kendall Jenner and Haley Baldwin and the week before I heard Cara Delevigne was there too! If its good enough for the supermodels…its good enough for me too!


Georgetown Cupcake: Probably the prettiest place to get a cupcake in Soho. They have a huge variety of flavours to choose from, which they change depending on the day of the week. I first found this place because there is a reality TV show called “DC Cupcakes” all about the sisters who run the company! Check out the beautiful baking equipment they have also like the sparkly pink kitchen mixer! Oh and by the way, Lindsay Lohan lives in the apartment over Georgetown Cupcakes so keep an eye out for her!
Emack and Bolios: If you eat one thing in New York.. make sure it is an ice cream from Emack and Bolios. Spend $10 dollars (yes ten dolla!) on the most indulgent ice cream you will have! Pick from  a bunch of yummy flavours like “Smoreo” which I got and eat it from a cone thats decorated in even more Oreos! So good and so instaworthy!
Dean and Deluca: This luxurious food store boasts some of the most gorgeous fresh flowers, fruit and freshly made desserts. A lot of people rave about the coffee here and there is always a queue. but predominately it is a fancy food store where you can buy a small tub of nutella for $10! Its super overpriced but worth a walk around just to see the wonderful stuff they have to offer.


Shopping: Broadway is the main street with all of your big high street stores like Topshop, Forever 21, Bloomingdales, Zara and Urban Outfitters. Brandy Melville is a cool store to check out on Broadway also, its very young and hippy-ish! LF Store is another cool clothing shop for the buying very trendy pieces. The Kardashians store DASH is also in Soho, but not really my go to spot for shopping but fun to see all the same. For makeup there is a MAC and a Sephora too! And if your big spenders all of the big designers usually have their flagship stores here like Chanel, Hermes, Alice and Olivia and Kate Spade! There really is something for every budget and its one stop spot to get all of your shopping,
Street Art: One of my favourite things to do in  Soho is keeping an eye out for all of the amazing Street art. Its just too cool.


I really hope I remembered everything! Anyways moral of the story..go to Soho and eat and shop til you drop!
Im working on two more guides in this series so keep an eye out and if you missed part 1 read it here!
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