Happy Halloween: I have to say that I love Halloween big time! I love taking the time to think of a creative outfit (a fews years back I was a fluffy chicken!). I think my favourite celeb costume this year has to be Katy Perry dressed up as a Cheeto! Who could ever have thought of that!
 Watching: Every year when fall arrives, I get cravings to watch certain movies! It’s always the same ones, Stepmom, You’ve got mail, One fine day and Runaway Bride! Also get huge tendencies to watch Gilmore Girls in Autumn too!

 Eating: These pumpkin cupcakes my Mom and I made over the week! I think they turned out so cute! If only I was hosting a Halloween Party they would be perfect!
Lusting for: The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. A few weeks ago at a fashion show I was modelling in, a makeup artist used this bronzer/highlighter duo and it actually gave me cheekbones! I loved how it made my skin glow and I’ve been lusting after it ever since! 
Slightly Dreading: The next 6 weeks will be full of studying and exams (minus the weekend in Paris coming up!!!), so I’m slightly dreading the stressful late nights and more than likely mental breakdowns ahead BUT on the bright side I took full advantage and stocked up on new stationary for the weeks ahead!
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