This week I’m sharing the final part of my “Lady Bear Travel Guide To New York” series. This post shares all of my favourite spots which are scattered all over Manhattan. It may be a little long winded but I wanted to share as much as I could!

Union Square: Twice a week you will find New Yorks best farmers market in Union Square. The spot to buy all of your organic fruit and veg and maybe even a bunch of flowers for yourself. Surrounding Union Square you’ll find lots of stores and restaurants like Sephora, Nordstrom Rack and Trader Joes (The best and cheapest grocery store in the city!)
Bergdorf Goodman: The heavenly place with every designer under one roof with the most beautiful dresses, bags and clothing you will ever see. Each and every time I go here I always enjoy it so much. The building itself is soaked in history and while you’re there make sure to take in the Bergdorf Windows outside. Huge teams of artists collaborate with different designers over the year to create the most creative shop window fronts you will ever see!
 The Met: Visit The Met Museum to get your culture on. My favourite museum I think. They have gorgeous rooftop gardens where you can get a drink and look out over Central Park. Also don’t forget the obligatory picture on the steps of The Met if you’re a Gossip Girl fan! (Read more on my trip to The Met here!)
Sprinkles Cupcakes: The most innovative cupcake place in NYC, Remember i visited here! They have their own cupcake ATM so you don’t even need to go inside! Right next door they have Sprinkles Ice cream where you can get a cupcake with a scoop of ice cream! A really delicious treat.
Cafeteria: This Chelsea Restaurant is open 24 hours a day. With its huge menu and cocktail list you will be sure to find something you’ll like. Probably one of the funnest places to eat. You have to try the parmesan fries and corn on the cob! To die for!
Visit Lincoln Center: Where NY fashion week is held and the New York City Ballet Performances are. Theres beautiful lawns where you can sit and chill. While you are here walk up to 69th street and visit my favourite discount department store, Century 21.
 Visit Long Island City, Queens: The new Williamsburg minus the hipsters so I hear. I think this would be where I would like to live when I move over. You can get the ferry all the way to manhattan for $8. Its a really nice thing to do!
Chelsea Market: Visit my favourite place for getting yummy snacks in Chelsea, I recommend getting a sugar cookie in Elenis bakery or a yummy brownie from Fat Witch brownies! Also visit Artist and Fleas and make your own personal necklace at Brooklyn Charm.
 Fishes Eddy: My favourite homestore in the city, They have the coolest dishes and kitchen accessories you will ever see. Biggest regret is not getting one of these skyline bowls!
Dylans Candy Bar: Where to go to keep that sweet tooth of yours happy. This super sweet candy store is owned by Ralph Laurens daughter and I promise you will enjoy walking around looking at the thousands of different candy bars they have! Make sure to try a piece of fudge while you’re there!
 Smorgas, Stone Street: Here is where I started out as a hostess over the Summer. Stone Street lies right beside Wall Street and is filled with restaurants and lovely outdoor seating but Smorgas on the weekend is the best brunch out there! Try the waffles or the crepes.
Pomme Frites: Two words: Fries and Ketchup. The best fries in New York if you ask me. Be warned they may be so delicious that you eat them really fast and feel so sick you need a nap after. True Story


 Grand Central: Grab a space and watch the world go by before your eyes. The Ceiling always gets me, it has the most beautiful mural painted on it. Also visit the food court downstairs where you’ll find small take aways of NYC favourite restaurants like shake shack and magnolias bakery! Oh and don’t forget the whispering hallways!


 Central Park: Pack a picnic from the near by whole foods, bring a blanket and sit down in Sheeps Meadow. Rent a bike and see all of the park in under two hours. Rent the row boats (wear sunscreen!), Eat at Tavern on the Green and at The Boat House! Gosh I could do a whole post about this place I love it so much! Venture more north of the park to get away from the crowds of tourists!
I can’t even describe how nice it is to hear how much people enjoyed my Guide to New York Series! It makes my day when someone tags me on Instagram or Twitter to show me the places they’ve visited from my guides! So please do share! Incase you missed a part I will link them all up below!
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