The West Village has to be the most romantic part of New York. Its the place you go for Brunch on the weekends and then stroll around the tiny streets and have a gawk at the brownstone apartments that you wish you could one day afford! I don’t think many tourists make it to the West Village during their visits to New York and it really is a shame because theres no place in the world like it!

Perry Street: Without a doubt Perry Street is my favourite little street in the West Village. It boasts the most beautiful townhouses with pretty doors and is also where Carrie’s apartment from Sex and the City is. Which I have to admit is a little bit of a let down between queueing for a snap in front of the door and the building site next door! Fun to see all the same though!
Marc Jacobs: For some reason Marc Jacobs has a tonne of different stores in the West Village! Theres Marc Jacobs Makeup, Womens, Mens, Womens Accessories, Mens Accessories, Kids and my favourite “BookMarc” a Marc Jacobs book store that has really cute office supplies all branded Marc Jacobs! Perfect for those of you who are stationary obsessed like myself!


Magnolia Bakery: My go to place for cupcakes in the West Village! Magnolias is quite famous and has featured in Sex and the City and the Devil Wears Prada! The cupcakes are so tasty and the decor is so cute.  You can also buy cakes by the slice which is nice also! I loved the red velvet flavour.

Sockerbit Candy Store: This swedish candy store is a sanctuary for sweet tooths. They have over 140 types of candy to choose from and you can fill your bag for quite a reasonable price. A really fun spot to visit!

Milk and Cookies: Another famous bakery in the village! Every New York food tour stops here for one of their well known cookies! They sell lots of yummy flavours like snicker chocolate chip and make yummy whoops pies…drool! I blogged about my trip there over the summer if you would like to have a gawk at that post for more snaps!

Washington Square Park: The place to go on the weekends in the West Village. This little park always has such a fun atmosphere where people are playing music or chess, taking their pictures in front of the fountain or making chalk art on the pavements. Definitely the place to sit down for a few minutes and people watch! You might spot some cute pooches too!


Potatopia: This is the place all you carbaholics have dreamed of! Like the name suggests, you choose a type of potato as your base like french fries, mashed or baked potatoes (theres a heap to choose from, then you pick some toppings like some vegetables or cheese and then you pick a sauce to go on top! So tasty!
Thank you guys for the wonderful feedback on my travel guide series! Its so nice to hear that some of you will be visiting NYC over the next few months and hopefully you will like some of the places I’ve suggested! The last part will be up next weekend so keep an eye out! If you’ve missed any you can find my guides to Dumbo Brooklyn here and my guide to Soho here.
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