I’m sure you all know by now that I am ADDICTED to Instagram! Its the first thing I check in the morning and last thing I check at night (and every hour throughout the day!). Its definitely my favourite social media site and I love how it gives people a platform to be creative in sharing their day to day happenings. However very often, many of the beautiful snaps we enjoy looking at fall under the “Insta-Cliche” category! We’ve all seen the same picture recreated time and time again by our favourite “grammers” (I myself am guilty of it!) so I though it would be funny to put together a post of the top Instagram Cliches!
The “look at my long skinny legs in my bed picture”: Every weekend you can be guaranteed to come across a picture of fine pair of pins laid out on a white bed. You definitely would not see this insta- cliche on my page because the huge baggy wooly pjs I wake up in are not this attractive!
 The Black Lacey Bra Picture: This picture comes up in my feed at lease once a week and its always Black Lace. Never the comfy sports bra or the supportive extra padded nude bra that you are actually wearing…because they are so not instaworthy! 


The Food Porn Picture: A drool worthy picture of an indulgent meal styled with a pair of ray bans because we all need to wear our sunnies while pigging out!
 The Perfectly Styled Desk Situation: The picture of a Macbook (always) and lots of pretty items that are totally unrelated to work placed around it! Bonus points for the having flowers, coffee and macaroons in this one!


The From Where I Stand Picture: I’m definitely guilty of this one! The snap of your pretty shoes from above. Very often a similar picture of skinny jeans ripped at the knees pops up too!
The picture of any random object plus a pretty fake flower: Some of my favourite instagramars do this. They photograph any item like shoes, a lipstick or a necklace but pop in a pretty (usually fake) flower for some extra points!
The Sweet Tooth Picture: Pictures of those delicious Macaroons or Cupcakes styled to perfection for the sake of a photo! Leads to comments from followers how you can eat all those and not be on the chubby side! Oh yes and of course some roses for good measure!
The Airport Accessories Picture: Everything a stylish girl needs for a flight, a magazine, a designer bag and a passport! Sometimes a perfectly manicured hand is thrown in for good measure!
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