When I was packing for Paris last weekend, I went for a monochromatic theme. Its no secret that I love to wear black and my research tells me that Parisian women do too! So I thought I would try my best to not look like a big tourist for the duration of my visit (although I think the big camera around my neck kind of gave it away!) I took these photo’s at the Jardin du Luxembourg which are located in the 6 arrondissement. While I was in Paris I truly was in awe of the buildings and the gardens. It really is unlike anything you see here in Ireland!


Sweater: Zara, Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Topshop
Sometimes I think that ever since I’ve started spending my Summers in New York that I’ve become a little small minded when it comes to travel, I have been known to say that given the chance to go anywhere it will always be NYC but I think this little weekend away in Paris opened my eyes a little!
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