Happy Saturday everyone! I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog where I share some of the cool things I’ve come across during the week on the inter web! Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and if you ever come across something that you think is a good read feel free to tweet me!
Elle.com wrote a great piece about Dance Moms star Maddie (who was also the star of Sia’s Chandelier video!) slightly obsessed.
This behind the scenes video from The Victorias Secret Fashion Show Casting is all the motivation you need to hit the gym this week!
This article about 9 entrepreneurial women who successfully started their own businesses is truly inspiring!
40 Days of Dating is a website that follows two best friends who make the decision to try and date each other seriously for 40 days! A really interesting read that I promise you will spend an hour reading to see how it works out in the end!
If you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan like I am then you’ll love this tour of Ashley Benson’s closet!
This story about a dog who followed his owner to the hospital by sitting on the back of an ambulance! Pulls on my heartstrings!
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