Happy New Year Bears! 2014 has been an incredibly wonderful year! I’ve been so lucky to have some amazing experiences over the past 12 months. Its really nice to reflect on the past year and see what you’ve achieved and have a laugh thinking of the fun times you’ve had during the year! Here are some of my highlights!
My Internship: After graduating with a degree in Biomedical Science last year, I just knew it wasn’t a career that I wanted to pursue. So this Summer I tried to get as much experience in my dream field of event planning and interned with a company in New York. My first week I helped plan a corporate event with special guest Josh Lucas (handsome guy in Sweet Home Alabama), Set up a show room for flip flop brand Havianas and even got to do a little wedding planning amongst so many other fun things including doing a little PR for the Cake Boss cafe in TimesSquare. Then there was those times when I met Martha Stewart and got to visit to the Vera Wang trunk show in Bergdorfs. It was worth working a waitressing job at night to pay the bills because the experience I gained was unlike anything I would get here in Ireland! Read a little more about my internship here.



School: I made the hard decision of returning to Ireland in September to go back to school to study business in NUIG. I have to admit I was so unbelievably anxious going back to school to study a completely new discipline but luckily I can say that I really think I made the best decision. So far I’ve loved all of the new things I’ve learned and have made some lovely new friends. Next semester I’m hoping to major in Marketing which I’m really excited about!

Modelling: This year was definitely a lot of fun with work. I walked in some fun shows, had a couple of great photoshoots and made some early morning treks to Dublin and Cork to shoot fashion slots for Ireland AM and the Today Show. Its always fun getting your hair and makeup done with a bunch of girls that you love spending time with. Have a peak at these two posts here and here to see my favourite jobs of the year!

Travel: I was so lucky to get to spend another Summer in New York this year. Its  beginning to feel a little bit like going home every time I go back. The thing I love about New York is that no matter how much you think you’ve seen there is so much more left to discover! Getting to visit Paris was also a huge highlight this year and I definitely fell in love it. That quote that says “Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer” is so true!

New Addition: This year was the year we welcomed Levi into our family! If you know me at all you will know how crazily obsessed I am with my dogs, I am one of those people who talks to their dogs over Skype! Both Henry and Levi bring such joy to my family and you guys seem to LOVE  pictures of them on my Instagram.
Life of a Lady Bear: This past year has seen Life of a Lady Bear readership grow in such a big way! Having people write to me for fashion and recipe tips just makes my day never mind the unbelievable response I get to my Life of a Lady Bear Travel Guides! I worked with some great brands and photographers on my outfit posts this year which a lot of you seemed to enjoy! A lot of love goes into each building each blog post and I cannot thank you guys enough for reading and supporting me!


My 3 favourite outfit posts from 2014
Whats to come in 2015: I hope the New Year brings wonderful adventures for us all. Firstly I will finish college at then end of May (hopefully!) and then over the Summer at some stage Cathal Bear and myself will most likely make the big move to New York for one full year! As much as it scares the bejesus out of me to leave my family and move to a city where you have to work your ass off to get anywhere, I’m excited to see what it holds for us! Of course I’m going to continue working hard building Life of a Lady Bear and have so many fun ideas in my head! Beyond that who knows what could happen!
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