Can you guys believe that Christmas was already a month ago? Theres been a lot of things I’ve discovered this month for my Currently blog post! I’ve given this series a little bit of a visual make over so hopefully you guys will enjoy it!

Movies: Well its Oscar season meaning there are some amazing flicks in the cinema at the moment! I saw American Sniper two weeks ago and I swear its still in the back of my mind! I thought it was amazing and really recommend it! Bradley Cooper is too handsome to be human in it! I’ve alsp finally got around to seeing “The Best of Me” and “If I Stay”, two romantic movies that will be sure to have you in tears! Especially “The Best of Me”, it’s based on a Nicholas Sparks book so there is definitely vibes of “The Notebook” but this may be even a little better!

In Love With: Just last weekend my Sister brought home her new puppy, Harper. She is a Golden Retriever who I am obsessed with! She’s so squishy and playful!

Listening to: Anything by “The Weekend”, especially the song “Often”. If you don’t know this guys music then you better get You Tubing. Theres some serious Tracey Chapman influences mixed with a lot of weed and booze but the result is some amazing tunes! I’m also on a Hozier obsession at the moment too! My favourite song on his album is “Like Real People do”, its too sweet and sappy!

Watching: I’ve just finished a marathon of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix. I’ve always loved this show and it was equally as enjoyable watching the series for like the fifth time! Theres something so lovely about it as it always reminds me of Autumn for some reason! Alexis Bledel is also probably one of the most stunning actresses out there! I wish she did more shows and movies!

Lusting After: These sandals in Topshop at the moment. I was in there today and instantly fell in love! I have killer bad arches in my feet so I think these would be the perfect comforable Summer shoe thats also stylish! Did I mention I can’t wait for Summer?

Girl Crushing: Julia Roberts! I somehow never realised what a babe she is, I love watching her in some of her older movies when she has her crazy wild red hair. And she has such an enviable figure too!

Celebrating: I’ve just received my Christmas exam results and I’m over the moon that I passed them all with flying colours! It’s rewarding when you see all of your hard work pay off and it makes me feel like I made the right move by going back to study business in college, even though at the time it was quite scary moving from Biomedical Science! :)

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