Hi my name’s Michaela and I’m addicted to Instagram. Like many of you I’m sure (please don’t say I’m the only one) its the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night. It takes me an extra five minutes to get anywhere because I always spot something to take a picture of along the way. I get serious kicks when I find a new account to follow and get a glimpse into the lives of many different people all over the world. Here are some of my favourite accounts to follow!
Studio DIY
Studio DIY’s Instagram is a bundle of creative happiness in square form. I find it such a great place for some DIY inspiration. You can tell all of the pictures are cleverly thought out making them ever so Pinterest worthy!

This Instagram is such a great example of how talented and clever some people are. Michelle is a stylist from New York and she takes inspiration from runway shows to create flat little replicas wearing the clothes fresh off the runway. How genius is that?

The Pink Diary
Sharon from The Pink Diary has created huge a following on Instagram thanks to her clean aesthetics and distinct use of pink peonies and other pretty items in her pictures. The Pink Diary tricks you into thinking its Summer all year round!

The Fat Jewish
The ultimate Instagram account for the lols. I mean seriously this one makes me laugh a little too much. Many celebs are a fan of The Fat Jewish with good reason. My mom and I have had serious chuckles looking at these snaps recently.

Lauren Bejaoui
Lauren is shit hot cool. I mean I have a serious girl crush on this Dublin lass. Her Instagram is all about aesthetics, monochrome and the occasional pretty selfie. Quite frankly she makes me wish I was cooler.

Casey Ligon
I just adore this hand lettering extraordinaire’s account. Casey is so talented at calligraphy and often makes phrases out of unusual things like salt, wool or sprinkles! Great place for a Quote of the Day!


Amy Stone
Amy Stone is the social media genius for many of fashions biggest brands. Her personal account is abundant in colourful pictures that are simple yet beautiful. I admire how she really sees the beauty in ordinary objects.


Julia is a super talented photographer who lives in the same city as me. Her account is filled with pictures that make me see the beauty of where I live. I think we have similar taste in that we both love stationary and taking pictures of random pretty doors! She’s also a user of my favourite app VSCO Cam.

Paris in Four Months
Carin shares her life as a Parisian photographer on what has to be my favourite Instagram account. Her pictures of the beautiful architecture and flowers found in Paris combined with her travel adventures give me serious instagram envy! I promise you will feel the same!

The Glitter Guide
 The Glitter Guide is a wonderful lifestyle website that I love to read. Their Instagram is bombarded with wonderful interior decorating ideas, DIY projects and just general prettiness that will have you scrolling down for a good half an hour!

I’m always looking for new Instagrammers to follow so please feel free to link me yours below or over on my Instagram! Next week I’m going to be sharing my favourite photo editing apps so keep an eye out for that! Oh and if you like this you may like my “Top Instagram Cliches” post from a few weeks back!
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