Have you ever spotted something in a store or online that you absolutely loved but thought to yourself where on earth would I wear that? That’s pretty much how my relationship with this skirt began! I spotted it on my favourite Irish vintage store Folkster a couple of months back and maybe drooled a little but when I saw it! Then all of my friends decided to attend a St Stephens Day Ball and   finally I had an excuse to buy my dream skirt. I shared a couple of pictures from the night on my Facebook and Instagram and I got a bunch of emails from people wondering where I had purchased and now you know, The ‘oscar skirt’ comes in a pretty gold and a mulberry colour too! Who knows maybe I’ll start collecting one in each colour and make a rainbow of pretty skirts!




Skirt: Folkster, Body: American Apparel, Shoes: Aldo
What Santa gave me for Christmas
We had a little visitor while shooting this post, this little sheep was wondering around all on his own! Too cute!

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