Happy Weekend Everyone! Time seriously needs to take a step back and slow down. This week was quite exciting as I finally booked flights for my move to New York. A move to The Big Apple has been on the cards for a while now and I’m so looking forward to being back in my favourite place on earth and sharing my adventures with all of you. Hopefully the hunt for a job and an apartment will work out and I’ll be able to settle in nicely without missing my family and dogs too much! Anyways here are some of the great links I came across on the interweb over the week!


Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, Betty White and Kerri Washington in the funniest SNL skit from the 40th anniversary special!
Coco Rocha wrote a really interesting article about the Myths of Modelling
This wedding has to be one of the most beautiful on earth! That dress! Those Flowers? Swoon.
This article about what its like to volunteer back stage at Fashion week was eye opening!
Slightly morbid and creepy but Facebook now allows you to choose who will manage your Facebook page when you die?
How cool are these pictures of New York taken from some rooftops around the city.
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