Sometimes on the weekend, its nice to have a little “crafternoon”! My sister and I recently saw some really pretty glittery letters on Pinterest and thought it would be nice to try and make our own. She just moved into a new house where she’s decorating her office so we had the perfect excuse. It was a really simple project and all we needed was cardboard letters, PVC glue, glitter and masking tape. The cardboard letters are sold at any reputable Arts and Crafts store so they should be easy to find.




The secret is to apply the glue quite thick and sprinkle the glitter quite generously. We found it worked best if you let the glitter settle for a minute and then tap the excess glitter off and resprinkle again. We painted the edges hot pink and used masking tape to make thick stripes but there are so many fun things that you could do! Next time I think I’m going to do a polka dot one!
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