Apologies for being on the quiet side with blogging over the past week guys, we had a baby horse a week ago and ever since then its been a full time job day and night trying to make the Mama and baby survive after both got very sick! Between mid night bottle feeding sessions and a tonne of college deadlines there was hardly time to breath let alone blog! I know I say it every month, but I literally cannot keep up with how fast the weeks are passing! February was a definitely a productive month with finalising plans for my move to New York and starting the dreaded job hunting process! I have to say I really feel ready to be finished with college and start a new adventure!

Also, I’m super excited to have been invited to speak at a Blogging and Personal Branding workshop in GMIT next Tuesday, where I’ll be sharing my journey with Life of a Lady Bear and giving some advice from my own experience for new blogger so do pop along if you’re interested! Here’s the link to the event for more info! 
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