This weekend I had a lovely Mothers Day with my family.  We went out for a delicious meal and came home where we ate lots of cake! My Mama Bear has always been a stylish lady and I am forever stealing clothes from her wardrobe. It was quite funny actually when we were getting dressed to go out for dinner, we unintentionally dressed in really similar outfits and even in the same colours. She definitely has been an influence on my style throughout the years! Like mother like daughter, we both love our oversized sweaters, big sunglasses and designer bags. I picked these pants up in Penney’s last week. They are definitely something a little different for me but I really was drawn to the monochrome print and thought it would be nice to mix it up for a change! Im also super happy that the weather has brightened up enough for me to whip out my hot pink Kate Spade bag!






Pants: Primark, Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Bag: Kate Spade, Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Hope you guys had a lovely Mothers Day too! 
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