Happy Weekend Everyone! I’ve been enjoying the sunshine over the past few days and I couldn’t be happier that Spring seems to be in full swing here in Galway. Everyone seems to be much happier when the weather is a little brighter! Here are some fun things I came across on the interweb over the week!


Laughed so much at this insight from a Fashion Bloggers Husband!
How interesting is it to see the style evolution of some of the top fashion bloggers
One of my favourite bloggers Kat shares 10 fun things to do in Paris! Can I go back?
As a marketing geek, I loved this article about the “psychology of colour in marketing and branding”
Dying to try this Healthy Ice Cream Recipe that has just one ingredient!
Isn’t it crazy how much money some Celeb Bodyparts are insured for?
Ps. Ive been going crazy on Pinterest this week!
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