Hey Guys! Just a quick little update (in between final exam meltdowns!) on a couple of things I’ve been loving over the past month.

Dreaming of: An Inbal Dror wedding dress. I have been stalking their Instagram account for like two years now and my obsession is still going strong. These dresses are super elegant and detailed while being quite sexy too! I don’t know how on earth I will afford one when I get married but I will and probably proceed to eat lettuce for months to try and fit in it because they are super skinny dresses!
Watching: I’ve recently started rewatching Sex and the City in attempts to get me excited for New York. How did I forget what a good show it was? Samantha just makes me laugh too much.
Listening to: The most sweet sounding songstress in the world! I’ve always liked Birdy but recently find myself obsessed with some of her songs like Not About Angels and White Winter Hymnal..ok a little on the depressing side but they match my current study mood! Also I just bought tickets to see my beloved Hozier in Radio City Music Hall this September! I love having something to look forward too!
Must See: Ok if theres one thing to take from this post is this. First go on Netflix and watch the movie “All Good Things” featuring my husband Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. Its a thriller about a slightly crazy man and a big murder mystery…but it gets better…its a true story and I guarantee after watching the movie you will google the guy….BUT THEN.. you have to watch the recent documentary about the real life guy..who accidentally makes a big confession while his microphone is on in the bathroom..and now he’s possibly going to jail forever..Long story short..Watch The Jinx.


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