Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter bunny visited all of you! I’m currently chowing down handfuls of chocolate while writing this post! Yesterday Cathal and I visited the Galway Food Festival which is on in the Spanish Arch until Monday and if you’re around Galway before then, I highly recommend taking a trip! I first became hooked on food festivals while visiting Smorgasborg in NYC (read those posts here and here!). While not quite as big as Smorgasborg there was a huge variety of yummy treats in Galway, I got a yummy Lavender and Lemon Soda from the Biteclub stall, Cathal got sushi and a sausage roll and a juice from Roots and Greens while my friend Dee got a drool worthy Nutella Waffle from Mr.Waffle!

There really is something for everyone and loads of healthy options too. I really wanted to visit the infamous Dough Bros for a pizza but the queue was super long! Definitely visit it you’re hanging around the city, and bring your dog with you too!



After the market we took a stroll down Dominick Street and I saw this amazingly cool wall with graffiti on it and MY INITIALS! A photo op if ever I saw! 
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