Happy Weekend Everyone! I’m spending it studying for final exams while frantically stalking all Coachella happenings on Instagram and Snapchat! As of this morning, a trip to Coachella has been officially added to my bucket list…So I cannot leave this earth until I spend a weekend in denim cut offs and crop tops while sipping hippy juice amongst the palm trees while also following Kendall and Kylie around the place! Here are my fun things I came across on the interweb over the past week!

Loved this interview with the founders of Soul Cycle! Cant wait to take some classes in NYC!
If Instagram had been around in the 90’s!
Its quite frankly unfair that Gigi is this pretty!
My dream home in Brooklyn is for sale, now I just need to win the lottery
Totally relate to this onĀ Buzzfeed “22 things all twenty somethings will understand”
The typical Coachella Uniform.. So true everyone looks the same and equally hippyish and cool!
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