Watching: This past month I’ve discovered two new TV shows that I really enjoyed! Firstly is “Grace and Frankie”, the new Netflix series. It’s a show about two women who’s husbands leave them and announce that they are in a gay relationship together! Its full of comedic moments and Jane Fonda will make you wish you look like her when you’re 70! The other show I’m currently obsessed with is “Madame Secretary”. Its a US political drama and one you will love if you like shows like Homeland and Scandal.
Visiting: At the moment I’m up in Boston spending a few days with my Mom and relatives. My Mom grew up here and we’ve always visited during the Summers so its nice to be here! I’m spending this weekend in Cape Cod where I can’t wait for a nice walk on the beach. I know I’ve only been in NYC for a week, but its still nice to escape the noise for a while!
Decorating: I’m trying my best to make my apartment in New York feel a little bit more like home. I just bought some amazing fun prints that I’m hoping to frame and make a cool gallery wall over my bed. And last week I did some damage in the Macy’s sale where I picked up a really nice duvet set for my bed and these AMAZING giraffe print sheets! I’ll be sure to share my decorating progress with you guys over the coming weeks!
Movies: Recently I finally got to see “Still Alice” with Julianne Moore, a movie about a women with Alzheimers and her journey with the disease. Some might say it’s a little bit bleak but I really enjoyed it. I also saw “Age of Adeline” in the movies a few weeks ago and I thought it was such a sweet movie. A great storyline and a serious girl crush in Blake Lively makes for a wonderful watch! Oh and if you’re thinking of seeing the new movie “Aloha”, let me save you and tell you to just skip it. The only decent thing about it is Bradley Cooper and his drool worthy handsomeness. Seriously I think I made those noises you make while eating a cupcake anytime he appeared on screen!
Let me know if you guys have any fun suggestions on shows or movies to watch! I’m always looking for new suggestions!
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