┬áIf you’ve followed Life of a Lady Bear for a while, You will most definitely know that two of my favourite pleasures in life are beautiful flowers and a Kate Spade purse! So I was more than excited to spend an evening in the Kate Spade store in Soho to learn all about floral arrangements from flower experts Urban Stem. Before I came to New York, I made a little bucket list of things I wanted to achieve over the year, and taking some floral arranging classes was on the list so this class definitely gave me a taste for more!

They gave us each a beautiful selection of Roses and Ranunculus along with a gridded vase and clippers and went through the process step by step! I know it may sound silly but theres more to it than you think! Like did you know that you should always clip flowers at a 45 degree angle so they can absorb more water? And you should always cut off any extra leaves that are below the water level! And water should be room temp and changed daily to keep your flowers fresh for days!
I was getting some funny looks walking through Soho and getting on the Subway with my vase, but it’s so nice having them in my little apartment! Something about flowers really makes a place feel homely!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Keep an eye out on snapchat (michaelabear1) to see what I get up to!
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