Aloha from a very rainy New York City. As most of you probably know, I arrived here in the city last Thursday after some tearful last few days at home. I was quite lucky that I had an apartment ready to move into the night I arrived and thankfully it’s pretty great. I’m in a great spot right in Manhattan and I can walk to my favourite places in a matter of minutes which is wonderful. The only negative so far is that my room is facing a busy street and the nighttime is filled with sirens and honking taxi’s but hopefully I’ll get used to it!

I’ve spent the last few days getting set up and meeting with some old and new friends while eating far too much delicious food! (I’m telling myself that calories don’t count for the first week!) Tomorrow I’m heading up to Boston for a week. My Mom is visiting her family up there so I’m excited to have a few more days with her and enjoy some relaxing beach days in Cape Cod before I come back to New York and get stuck into working life!
Since arriving in the Big Apple, I’ve started sharing some peaks into my new life in New York, so if you’d like to follow along, just take a picture of the yellow icon below using your snapchat camera or look me up under the username Michaelabear1!
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