As many of you will know, I recently started a new job here in New York! I’ve been waiting until everything was official and I had the first week under my belt before sharing it with you guys but I’m unbelievably excited to tell you that my new job is with MTV. I’ve been hired as their new Social Media Producer and I could not be happier. Its been a long couple of weeks going through rounds and rounds of interviews with different companies but it was all worth it in the end. I think I wanted to cry with excitement at least 5 times in my first week alone, between working behind the scenes on the VMA announcements and meeting with some very cool celebs (you might have seen on snapchat: Michaelabear1).

Making the transition from a college student to a working professional has been one that has quite frankly made me feel kind of anxious for quite some time. Making the decision to change career paths from Biomedical Science into the Business and Marketing world was definitely a big move but I’m so glad I took the risk. The funny thing is I can one hundred and ten percent say that I would never have got this job if it hadn’t been for this little blog of mine. While some people may think bloggers get into blogging for the “insta-fame” and the free clothes, the entire reason I started Life of a Lady Bear was to give me a stepping stool into a career that combines creativity with business and I’m thanking my lucky stripes that it has all paid off! I quite literally could never have even dreamed of working with a brand as big as MTV! I guess its true when they say “If you believe in yourself and your dream, then New York will always have a place for you”!




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