Happy Weekend Everyone! I’m excited for another fun weekend in the city! You might have seen on my snapchat (Michaelabear1), We started it off nicely yesterday with a bike ride across Brooklyn Bridge (still can’t feel my legs after it!) and some cocktails with friends last night! All of you back home in Ireland are probably just as excited as I am for the Conor McGregor fight tonight, even though MMA is totally not my thing, I am beyond obsessed and fascinated with the man so it should be entertaining!

Some fun things from the interweb this week!
A list of “8 must see movies” this Summer, Who else gets too excited by a night at the movies?
Love getting New York foodie recommendations, this list of decadent desserts looks insane!
Do you know Amy Schumer? If not you need to get yourself familiarised..stat! She’s hilarious!
Really interesting piece about how todays women speak!
Saw Magic Mike this week, the best thing about it was Channing Tatum hands down! Get your dose of handsomeness here and here! You’re welcome!
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