Even though this is my third Summer in New York, I never got to experience life in The Hamptons until this weekend! My friends and I rented the cutest little cottage on airbnb in a town called Hampton Bays. As much as I love living in Manhattan, I can’t deny how happy it made me to escape the crowds and humidity for a little space and downtime. We managed to fit in a quite a bit into such a small amount of time between sunbathing on the beach and visiting some of the cutest towns in The Hamptons, East Hampton and South Hampton. The towns had so much character and pretty little shop fronts, myself and my other blogger girls Erika, Louise and Lorna were getting very snap happy!

This weekend really made me realise how lucky I am to have such a great group of friends over here. When you leave home and move to a new country, your friends really do become your family. I’ll be so devastated when two of my girlfriends Dee and Jen go home in September! On the plus side I’m trying to plan a few more trips in the coming months, I know people say you should try to live for the now, but theres something about having a nice trip away to look forward to that makes the daily grind a little easier!







I’ll have another Hamptons post in a few days to share with you guys including all of my suggestions for great things to see and do! 
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