Following on from my Hamptons post earlier this week, I wanted to share some more snaps from my fun weekend! I have to admit as nice as it is going on a little vacation, it makes it that bit harder to settle into the working week afterwards! I definitely was suffering a little bit of post Hampton blues this week which is why Cathal and I have planned a trip to Boston for Labour Day Weekend in September so I’m glad I now have that to look forward to! These pictures were taken in the beautiful West Hampton which is a seriously cute little town where the streets are lined with cute boutiques and ice cream stores. If you happen to visit make sure and stop for breakfast at The Post Stop Cafe and treat yourself to some deep friend french toast (Don’t worry, calories don’t count on vacation). Then after, visit the Haagen Daaz store for some dessert, and then maybe walk around for a couple of hours so your coworkers don’t judge how fat you got during a single weekend! :)

Playsuit: HM, Sandals: Birkenstocks, Sunglasses: Rayban




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