The number of weekends left in Summer is counting down way too fast for my liking. Last night I went to my very first American football game which was surprisingly fun and I finally got the chance to put all of the football knowledge I learned while watching Friday Night Lights to good use! This weekend I’m definitely taking it a little easy, getting ready for my big work trip to LA next week. Hopefully I’ll be making a trip to Soho later to give the old credit card a work out and also work on decorating the new apartment a little more! Slowly but surely its beginning to feel like home and I’m noticing when I’m in a store, the first place I go to now is the Home Accessories section, I think this officially means I’m a grown up!


Loved reading Eva Chens career profile and her tips for a  career in fashion
How to travel like an “Insta Girl
Dying to make these yummy Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookies
The funniest model ever, Also have you seen Karlie Kloss’s adorable Youtube channel?
Did you see my friend Louise’s new blog design? So pretty!
This is the type of newly wed couple I aspire to be one day
Just bought my first ever Kiehls item, I swear this product is changing my skin in the best ways!
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