Happy Hump Day Everyone. Apologies for being a little quiet on the blog this week, between returning home from the VMA’s and a hectic week at work its been a little manic. This past weekend a long one here in the States, so Cathal and I took a trip up to Boston for a few days for a little city escape. I have a lot of family in Boston so its like my home away from home which I’m so thankful for! We started the weekend with some beach time and a road trip to the gay capital of Massachusetts, “Provincetown”. I’d never been here before but its one of the cutest little towns I’ve come across, plus theres some very colourful characters that are sure to bring a few smiles! It was actually my Birthday too, so Cathal surprised me with a lovely dinner topped off with a piece of deep fried strawberry shortcake (calories don’t count on Birthdays right?).

This was my first Birthday away from home and with the last few weeks being so hectic, I honestly hadn’t even planned on celebrating the big 24 so I was beyond delighted that Cathal and my relatives made such an effort for the day to be special, even though I wish my parents could have been with me!


We finished off the weekend by spending our last day walking around Boston city. Cathal and I spend a Summer living there 4 years ago so it was lovely to walk around and relive some fun memories. I honestly had forgotten what a beautiful city it is, and for a minute I was like “why didn’t we move here”, but then it took 10 minutes to walk from one end to another and I quickly realised its no New York!
This week is another exciting one for me. Fashion Week begins today and tomorrow I’m modelling in  the Irish Designer Showcase held at the Irish Consulate. All of the designers are flying out from Ireland for the show and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it! Even though I thought I was hanging up the modelling shoes for a while, NYFW is the perfect opportunity for a comeback! As always I’ll be sharing loads on Instagram and Snapchat (Michaelabear1)
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