Praise Jesus its the freakin weekend guys! The New York City pace has well and truly caught up with me this week. Theres something about being in this city that makes me feel guilty for sitting at home doing nothing when there’s so many fun things to explore and as a result I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes open when riding the subway every morning. So this weekend is definitely going to be filled with naps and perhaps even a Sex and the City marathon!
As I’m sure many of you know, New York Fashion Week is in full swing here. Its my first time actually being here for Fashion Week which is very exciting as the city has a whole new lease of energy. I’m always amazed on a regular week at the style New Yorkers have but this week I’ve noticed they’ve taken it to a whole new level. One thing that remains the same though is their love of black. I know I’ve said it time and time again but that whole “Does it come in black” thing is me to the bone!

Top & Skirt: HM, Sunglasses: Prada


At the moment it’s still lovely and warm out but I must say I’m counting down the days until I can get back in my oversized sweaters and chelsea boot and walk around Central Park in the fall! 

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