This past weekend was the last official Summer Weekend here in New York! The heatwaves are over and the leaves are slowly starting to change and I’m more excited than ever for my favourite season to arrive. I have to admit, I’ve found the past couple of weeks here a little difficult. Once my friends moved back to Ireland after the Summer, I really started to feel a little homesick and just run down in general. But thankfully, after a nice weekend of exploring and relaxing I definitely feel like my love for the city has been renewed and I feel a little more motivated for the week ahead!

This outfit post was taken after chilling out in Central Park yesterday evening. Its a super easy piece to throw on for a casual outfit and would you believe its actually from the Mens department in Forever 21! I’m all about oversized sweaters and paired with some heels and Prada shades, I think it actually works!






Hope you all have a great week!
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